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VETRO Connectors


  • Visualize OSS installation and customer data on your network map
  • Synchronize customer and connectivity data



  • Fuel construction automation with real time network design data updates
  • Bundle designs into executable work packages
  • Automate as-built updates from the field into your network map



  • Visualize equipment health in a geospatial, map-based context
  • Identify patterns in network performance on your map



  • Aggregate geospatial lead data in your CRM
  • Use CRM lead data for network project planning


“I feel for anybody not using VETRO. We're lightyears ahead of everyone else.”

– TT Connect, SA

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VETRO delivers unparalleled internet infrastructure intelligence through our unique mapping platform and customer centered innovation culture…

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From ISPs to universities, engineering firms to electric coops, thousands of users on five continents around the world use VETRO to manage their fiber operations...

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Adopting a healthy data culture around your network assets helps teams collaborate, stay productive, and grow. Your team deserves great software - and you deserve the peace of mind that a great network map provides.

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