VETRO Customer, Circle Fiber, Reaches its 1,000th Installation

A division of Big River Communications, Circle Fiber is an internet service provider in Southeast, Missouri now offering high-speed fiber-optic gigabit internet service. Six months ago, Circle Fiber began implementing their plan to build out a fiber network to their region. They will deploy a 100% fiber to the premises network that will connect residential and commercial customers to the world with the fastest, most reliable and affordable products and services.

VETRO’s Contribution

VETRO is proud to be a part of this important and successful strategy that brings broadband to a region in need. With the VETRO FiberMap platform, Circle Fiber was able to plan, design and manage their network. Throughout each stage of this project, VETRO was there to streamline the GIS planning and design with smart workflows, estimate material costs, find gaps in service, import/export data lightning fast and leverage Circle Fiber’s map data across all their business systems using connectors and APIs.


The Skelton family of Jackson, Missouri celebrates being Circle Fiber's 1,000th customer

This fiber network will have significant economic implications in southern Missouri. As Chris Simmons, President of Circle Fiber, reflects, “The pandemic has accelerated the need for our services with the changing day to day requirements of the home, school, businesses, medical, and education systems. Jackson is now a gigabit city which will help promote and recruit new businesses and residents”.


VETRO looks forward to celebrating Circle Fiber’s 10,000th customer in the future! 



About VETRO, Inc. 

VETRO builds software that makes it radically simpler and faster for broadband providers to plan, design, build, and operate their fiber optic networks. Our map-based SaaS platform is easier to use and more powerful than traditional tools, and enables network owners, operators and sponsors to benefit from a modern, integrated, and connected digital hub for their physical network assets. We deliver Internet Infrastructure Intelligence.


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