VETRO FiberMap & COS Systems Announce Interoperability of COS Systems Demand Aggregation Suite with VETRO FiberMap Network Mapping & Fiber Management Solution

VETRO FiberMap™ & COS Systems announce COS Service Zones demand aggregation suite is compatible with the fiber management solution

Portland, ME – March 20th, 2017 – VETRO FiberMap™, a leading provider of solutions for fiber network mapping and broadband infrastructure management, and COS Systems, makers of broadband survey and demand capture tools and network operations software, today announced that VETRO and COS Service Zones now share data and work in concert, enabling superior network planning, building and ROI.

Accurately assessing demand for high speed, fiber-based internet service and deploying assets wisely are keys to ROI and overall success for ISPs. Laying out the engineering design, defining cost, and building the network requires effective and easy to use GIS-based mapping tools. By combining COS Service Zones and VETRO FiberMap™, ISPs have the opportunity for best of breed tools for both demand generation and network planning and management. This is a powerful combination for ISPs that face both fierce competition and time-to-market constraints.

The COS Service Zones toolset helps ISPs assess the current landscape, measure interest in new service through direct survey, and enable peer-to-peer promotion and publicity. As would-be customers register their interest, an internet service provider gains data-driven insight into where to deploy network profitably. VETRO FiberMap™ provides unprecedented functionality and ease of use for the network planning and inventory requirements of these same growing ISPs. Maintaining accurate and up to date inventory of network assets, including details about individual fiber strands, circuit paths, and splicing, is imperative for network operations.

“COS Service Zones is winning worldwide adoption amongst ISPs, Utilities, Coops and Public Private Partnerships. They have discovered that COS Service Zones boosts their ability to build out in a more smart and targeted way. The demand information captured in Service Zones and fed seamlessly into the VETRO FiberMap™ network engineering and asset management platform gives our customers a legitimate strategic advantage,” says Isak Finer, CMO for COS Systems.

“The VETRO FiberMap™ network GIS platform was built from the ground up to integrate with powerful specialty tools and core business applications. Our open API stack and design philosophy makes swift integration with great partners like COS Systems easier than ever,” says VETRO FiberMap™ co-founder Will Mitchell. “The network map is at the heart of all key business for an ISP, from the demand aggregation stage of planning to build and maintenance of plant. Our platform exposes the network map in harmony with new subscriber demand, bringing together marketing, engineering and logistics to give network builders the data and continual network awareness they require for game changing network expansions with highest possible ROI.”

About VETRO FiberMap™

VETRO FiberMap™ is a product of NBT Solutions, LLC, founded by experienced GIS mapping professionals who have long provided innovative technology and services to wireline and wireless telecommunications customers. Our VETRO FiberMap™ Solution is a unique cloud based fiber network inventory platform, with an unrivaled suite of tools for the small and mid sized ISP. Our fiber network GIS solution has the functionality, affordability and scalability to help level the playing field. To learn more about the VETRO FiberMap™ solution, arrange demos and request a free trial please visit VETRO FiberMap™, email us at or call 207.221.6627.

About COS Systems

COS SYSTEMS is a leading provider of software to plan, deploy and manage modern broadband networks that support services from one or more providers, using a powerful yet simple self-service interface. COS Systems takes customer needs and delivers innovative software solutions that streamline operations, accelerate revenue and deliver more satisfied subscribers. To learn more about the COS Service Zones demand aggregation solution, visit COS Systems or email us at

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