The Network News – August 28, 2020

Welcome to VETRO’s Network News! We compile cool tidbits of fiber network and broadband news from around the web, to end your week connected.
VETRO FiberMap Youtube Channel

Welcome to another Friday, Fiber Friends! Let’s kick off this week’s Network News with VETRO’s new and improved YouTube channel! Each week, we post new videos to our channel to help VETRO users become VETRO power users, to educate, and to offer a look at the VETRO platform for those interested in discovering what our platform can do. Subscribe for the latest VETRO content!  

Speaking of the platform, check out our live product demo and Q&A from earlier this week with Stewart Linsmith, our Director of Sales, for an efficient walkthrough of VETRO’s most popular features. 

Photo courtesy of University College London
Photo courtesy of University College London

Next up, how about some cool fiber tech news for our engineering minds? A team at the Optical Networks Group at University College London has sent 178 terabits per second through a commercial singlemode optical fiber, setting a new record for data capacity for a single strand of standard fiber. The team achieved this by transmitting using a broader spectrum than previously thought possible, with the goal of finding ways to leverage existing network assets for more capacity and speed. But will we be gaming and zooming on this groundbreaking fiber system any time soon? Read on to find out. 

Online gaming puts big demands on broadband

In our post-COVID online world, a lot of us have been thinking about our home connectivity in the context of education and work. But online gamers have to be able to send and receive much larger amounts of data to have a fun, glitch-free gaming experience. ISPs and network operators are hearing from their gaming customers in just one more way that broadband demand is spiking, but game companies and data centers that host game brains are looking for efficiencies too. We’re curious to see what kind of cool tech emerges from this environment to serve the gaming community.   

Finally this week, many members of our VETRO team in Portland, Maine and Buffalo, New York here in the US are thinking about the start of the school year for their kids. While many of us are lucky to have economic and geographic access to decent broadband, so many students in the US are unable to get online affordably and conveniently.

We’ve heard from some of our amazing customers that they’re establishing free wifi hotspots in their communities or offering other relief programs to help get students in their neighborhoods online. The VETRO team is humbled and impressed by the small to mid-size operators giving to their communities this way. Our team is mission-driven, and working with customers who support the families and businesses who support them is incredibly motivating.

Thank you to all of the network operators out there offering some educational equity for families around the world.  

From all of us on the VETRO team, have a safe, enjoyable weekend! 

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