Watch some videos to learn more about VETRO

Create and Validate Fiber Paths with VETRO

Watch us dive into the final phases of fiber to the home network construction to show you how to create and validate fiber paths using VETRO’s powerful fiber manager workspace.

Manage the Conditional Status of Fiber Paths

Documenting this information in VETRO is simple, fast, and keeps everyone in your organization in the know so you can prevent mistakes and manage your network’s capacity with confidence.

Validate & Manage Network Redundancy

Take a look at managing the redundancy of a ring network. VETRO’s network models go beyond the visual to the relational, conditional and behavioral models that you need to be in control of every option for continuous service.

Feature Spotlight: Splicing

Connectivity tasks like splicing can be time consuming and highly detailed, leaving lots of room for errors or data loss. Reduce the risk associated with the governance of your critical engineering data with VETRO’s automatic documentation that securely stores every detail of your network in real time.

Feature Spotlight: Circuit Editing

VETRO FiberMap allows you to edit any established fiber path in your network using our circuit editing tools. In this example workflow, we’ll show you how to add a splitter to a ftth network using the splice diagram, equipment diagram and circuit editing features.

Route to Network Analysis Tools

The Route to Network tool is part of the VETRO Analysis with Polygons Feature, which gives you quick and easy data about on-net and near-net targets along any route to your fiber network expansion destinations.

VETRO FiberMap Platform Demo

In this platform webinar, we cover new features released in VETRO FiberMap over the past 6 months, including a sneak peek of what’s coming soon.