Built for:

  • ISPs with complex networks: Integrate seamlessly with your existing toolset and leverage VETRO’s power to streamline diverse workflows.

  • Demanding operational needs: Implement advanced features like Change Control, Audit Logs, SLDs, BOMs, and sophisticated Connectivity Management.

  • Internal & external collaboration: Foster seamless teamwork with unlimited, persistent Shared Views for enhanced communication and project visibility.

Effortless Design & Editing:

  • Quick Route: Generate fiber paths with lightning speed, minimizing tedious clicks and maximizing efficiency.
  • Quick Connect: Effortlessly link existing elements, building your network in record time.
  • Advanced Fiber Path Table: Dive deep into your network data with powerful manipulation and analysis tools.

Intelligent Fiber Management & Tracing:

  • Fault Geolocator: Isolate network issues effortlessly, streamlining troubleshooting and minimizing downtime.
  • Straight Line Diagrams (SLDs): Gain instant clarity with simplified fiber path visualizations.
  • Advanced Tracing Tools: Unlock a world of network insights with multi-point tracing, alternate route exploration, and impact assessment.
  • Fiber path Table Value Additions: Tailor your data to your needs with custom field creation.
  • Quick Filters: Find what you need instantly with lightning-fast data filtering.
  • Inherited Fields: Save time and ensure consistency with automatic attribute inheritance.

Data-Driven Network Dashboard:

  • Advanced configuration: Design your dashboard to display the data most critical to your success.
  • Search & Filtering: Pinpoint specific elements and circuits effortlessly with powerful search and filter functionalities.
  • Organized Analysis: Sort data by various criteria for deeper insights, from cable type to construction date.

Unmatched Collaboration:

  • Shared Views (up to 10, unlimited time): Foster real-time teamwork with persistent collaboration spaces for your entire team.

Automated Integrations:

  • Advanced Data Connector: Streamline data flow between VETRO and your existing tools, eliminating manual tasks and errors.
  • Other Connectors: Leverage pre-built connectors or implement custom integrations for seamless ecosystem harmony.

Network Data Change Management:

  • Network Changes Interface: Implement a structured process for managing and documenting network changes.
  • Audit Log: Maintain a comprehensive record of user actions and system events for complete accountability and data history.

Materials & Costing:

  • Automatic BOM Generation: Generate Bills of Materials instantly, including:
    • Fiber Cables
    • Splice Closures
    • Equipment
    • Conduits & Ducts
    • Clamps
    • Quantities and Estimated Costs
  • Effortless Budget Planning: Gain instant insights into project costs and optimize resource allocation.

VETRO FiberMap For Operators: Beyond Efficiency, Beyond Control – Unmatched Network Mastery

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