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Rely on VETRO’s GIS experts to transform your legacy mapping into digital insight

Don’t let the challenge of transforming legacy data from print or older digital systems into VETRO slow you down.

VETRO’s innovative team of GIS mapping experts, data engineers and dedicated developers – our GeoWrecking Crew – have solved data migration, clean up and conversion challenges of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is visual map data; we’re ready to turn your legacy maps into the high quality digital insights you need to power your business.

Meet the GeoWrecking Crew

VETRO’s GIS Services Team makes short work of complex data conversion from any archival format – even paper. 

  • Assessment of your current network mapping
  • Data project planning and organization
  • Data sourcing and ingestion
  • Migration of legacy data into the VETRO platform
Legacy Systems

Our Toolkit:

The VETRO GeoWrecking Crew uses a balance of automated and manual tools to ensure high quality data delivered promptly, including:

  • PostGIS

  • SQL

  • Python

  • ArcGIS and QGIS

  • FME Workbench

and more…

Whether your data is in GIS format, printed on paper, stored in PDFs or any other format, we’ve got it covered.

“We have had significant positive customer impact from using your services and continue to be impressed with your reaction time to issues and willingness to be flexible to deliver a great solution.”

– Greenlight Networks, New York, US

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