VETRO FiberMap For Engineering Empowers You With:

Real-time Data Sharing & Collaboration: Securely share network plans with your client on a single platform, enabling instant feedback and collaborative decision-making. Work together in real-time for optimal outcomes.


Automated Design Tools & Standardized Templates: Streamline workflows and ensure design consistency with powerful automation and pre-built templates. Focus on creative problem-solving, not tedious tasks.

Updates from the Field: Capture accurate data in the field and seamlessly integrate it with your designs for real-time updates. Make informed decisions based on the latest information.

Construction Progress: Monitor progress remotely, anticipate delays, and optimize construction workflows for efficient execution. Stay ahead of schedule and deliver on time, every time.

As-Builts: Maintain accurate records and generate reports to demonstrate compliance and support quality checks. Ensure peace of mind with comprehensive documentation.

Effortless Data Exchange: Say goodbye to fragmented datasets and manual re-entry. Export your meticulously crafted network designs as a single, comprehensive file. ISPs simply import the file – no juggling separate documents or wrestling with inconsistencies.


Design / Plan Accuracy: The single file structure ensures perfect alignment of cables, splices, and all critical elements. Eliminate data integrity concerns and focus on what matters – flawless network design.


Unlock New Revenue Streams: Become the preferred delivery platform for engineering firms by making network design sharing frustration-free. Attract new customers and generate recurring revenue through increased usage.

Strengthen Vendor/Client Relationships: Build trust and transparency by delivering clear, error-free designs that simplify provisioning and reduce miscommunication. Foster positive relationships that drive mutual success.

VETRO helps you build stronger relationships with your clients and establish yourself as the go-to engineering partner.

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“I feel for anybody not using VETRO. We’re lightyears ahead of anybody else. 

– TT Connect, SA

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