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Managing Middle Mile Fiber Projects

Streamline Your Middle Mile Fiber Operations with VETRO FiberMap

VETRO FiberMap is the only SaaS Fiber Management System of Record purpose-built for fiber networks. From local CSPs in growth mode to global network operators, VETRO customers choose our platform as the secure, tailor-made, digital home for their most important asset: their fiber network.

For CSPs tackling middle-mile projects, there’s a lot more to manage. Middle mile often means coordinating multiple stakeholders, keeping track of leased and owned assets, vendor, and partner communications, compliance reporting, increased permitting activity, and a seemingly endless list of new elements to be managed. Organize it all in real time, from one place with VETRO FiberMap.


Infrastructure Optimization: VETRO FiberMap allows middle-mile service providers to efficiently organize and manage their network assets. By tracking available fiber strands, connectivity points, and available infrastructure, providers can optimize resource utilization, eliminate blind spots and achieve cost savings.

Network Resiliency and Redundancy: VETRO FiberMap empowers providers to design and manage resilient network topologies and handle redundancy in their networks down to the strand level. By modeling critical points, establishing backup paths, and planning for potential failures, VETRO ensures that you have what you need to remain operational, even during fiber cuts, natural disasters, or adverse weather conditions.

Collaboration with Last-Mile ISPs and Partners: The VETRO Platform’s real-time, browser-based workspace facilitates seamless collaboration and coordination with every stakeholder in a project, from last-mile CSPs to permitting offices and vendor partners. VETRO users can share and collaborate through maps, reports, and analytics with just a few clicks, saving hours on effective communication between project stakeholders. With a foundation of strong, map-based communication, middle-mile projects move faster and teams stay in sync.

Documentation and Reporting: As the ultimate source of truth for the physical layer, VETRO FiberMap serves as the centralized, map-based repository for all of your critical network data. VETRO makes it faster and easier for any type of user, from C-suite to customer service representatives, to access and utilize the key operations data they need. This includes service zones, provisioning status, fiber path status, OTDR tracing, analytics, and more, easing ongoing operations functions like capacity planning, inventory and regulatory reporting.

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Your System of Record for Middle Mile OSP

VETRO FiberMap goes beyond simple data organization to expose the relationships between your assets and the behavior of your network so you always have control over the big picture in real-time, from anywhere. Whether you’re engaged in expansion or capacity planning, collaborating with partners on your design, collecting field validations to get ready to build or connecting customers and managing your network long-term, the VETRO platform serves as the ultimate source of truth for the physical layer of the network.

As the only true-SaaS fiber management system available, VETRO FiberMap offers a real-time environment for your data, users, and outside stakeholders, so you can build and grow your network with confidence in every detail and manage your network efficiently from planning and design to construction and ongoing operations.

Experience the power of VETRO FiberMap and revolutionize your middle-mile fiber operations today.

VETRO FiberMap Users report up to

50% time savings weekly

On everyday GIS tasks

VETRO FiberMap Users report up to

90% time savings

Using VETRO’s workflow automations

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