VETRO FiberMap® and CCMI Announce Industry-Leading Platform Integration

VETRO FiberMap® and CCMI Announce Industry-Leading Platform Integration

CCMI’s FiberLocator Database Housed Within VETRO FiberMap® Network Mapping and Management Solution Provides ISPs with Unprecedented Functionality and Seamless Access to Market Intelligence and Network Infrastructure Discovery.

Portland, ME – May 22, 2018 – VETRO FiberMap, a leading provider of solutions for fiber network mapping and broadband infrastructure management, and CCMI, makers of FiberLocator, the fiber discovery platform, today announced that VETRO and FiberLocator can now share data and work in concert, enabling superior network planning and design coupled with market intelligence on partner and competitor assets.

FiberLocator now offers network mapping of fiber routes from over 350 network operators. In addition, over one million fiber lit buildings are in the FiberLocator database, as are nationwide mapping of data centers and internet exchanges.

VETRO FiberMap provides unprecedented functionality and ease of use for network owner-operators to perform rapid network planning, design, and inventory, including details about individual fiber strands, circuit paths, and splicing. VETRO FiberMap customers can now opt to turn up FiberLocator mapping services right inside the VETRO FiberMap engineering platform, bringing unprecedented convenience and efficiency to market planning by exposing partners and competitors in context of their own network.


FiberLocator data overlaid in VETRO FiberMap™

“FiberLocator is a unique resource for fiber network owners, planners, brokers, and end users, and it grows in content every week,” said Michael Yokay, President of CCMI. “We are always looking to bring our specialty data to users in ways that best suit their business needs. Our direct portal is always an option, but we love to serve customers via APIs and related services that deliver targeted value embedded in great tools. VETRO FiberMap is a perfect example of a complementary system that can expose our discovery mapping on board a deeper network design, engineering, and operations mapping platform.”

“The VETRO FiberMap network GIS platform was built from the ground up to integrate with powerful specialty tools and core business applications. Our open API stack and design philosophy makes swift integration with great partners like FiberLocator easier than ever,” says VETRO FiberMap CEO Will Mitchell. “The synergies between these systems are clear, and we are proud to partner with CCMI to bring FiberLocator to our users seamlessly.”

About VETRO FiberMap®

VETRO FiberMap is an innovative FTTx network mapping platform designed by seasoned GIS mapping professionals. Created to empower small and mid-sized ISPs and community fiber networks to grow their businesses, VETRO FiberMap allows users to access and manage all critical data in one place. Secure, scalable, affordable and easy to use, VETRO FiberMap delivers the network data and insight you need with just a few clicks.

To learn more about the VETRO FiberMap solution, arrange demos and request a free trial please visit, email us at or call 207.221.6627.

About FiberLocator

FiberLocator is a product of CCMI that provides users with a full understanding of the fiber providers within a given area, between two points or at a single location. Comprised of data from hundreds of CLECs and facilities-based carriers, as well as hundreds of thousands of lit buildings and data centers, FiberLocator is the tool for network planners looking to quickly and easily secure the most up-to-date industry information. To learn more about FiberLocator, please visit

About CCMI

CCMI is the first choice of the leading telecom companies in the industry and is a trusted source for telecom data and information. Our commitment to delivering high-value products positions us as a leader in the telecom data market. Through our expertise in the telecom industry, we have also provided high-quality services and events to communication service providers and enterprise end-users since 1971.


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