Regional Fiber Connect – Colorado

Frisco, CO Frisco, CO

VETRO will join the industry’s top broadband experts and keynotes from local broadband leaders, and discover the tools needed to fund, design, deploy and deliver fiber broadband services at FBA’s  Regional Fiber Connect Workshop at Copper Mountain in Frisco, CO on August 23rd!  The Regional Fiber Connect 2022 workshop series is designed to help prepare community leaders, broadband operators and public officials […]

ISE Expo

ISE EXPO 2022 will showcase the next wave of innovative solutions and education for essential networks and services in fixed and mobile environments. New products, technologies and solutions will create value for all professionals who build, operate and maintain these networks.

NOTOA Annual Conference

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel 1550 Court Place, Denver, CO

NATOA’s Conference is the premiere educational event for local government telecommunications professionals working on communications, multimedia, programming, wireless, broadband, franchising and siting issues in today’s ever-changing landscape. Over 300 local government professionals from across the country will come together and learn the latest on emerging issues and cutting edge technology in your career. Brian Mefford, […]

Connected Britain

Connected Britain the UK's Most Important Connectivity Event Connected Britain is the UK’s most important connectivity event, bringing together the leaders shaping Britain’s digital future. The event remains the best place to understand the technology, regulation, and investment environment for the rollout of next generation networks in the UK, as well as to meet with […]

Calix Connexions

Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV

More information to come!

Fiber Connect 2022 – Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia Bogota

The Fiber Connect LATAM Conference in Bogota, Colombia - the "Massification of fiber optics - knowledge of the society" event will focus on: Fiber Optics and 5G as a pillar of the loT ISP and its position in the Latin Market How knowledge of fiber optics is developing in Latin America

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