Feature Update: Reporting Enhancement & UI Update

Fiber Allocation Table

The new and improved fiber allocation table allows you to easily access information about available fibers in a cable and how they are being used directly in the platform. Users can customize the table by filtering rows, hiding/showing columns, sorting columns then exporting exactly what is needed in the field.

With the latest update, you will enjoy a range of improved features and functionalities such as in-app report viewing, fiber allocation by equipment, cable, and path, and improved exporting functionality designed to streamline planning and execution decisions for ISPs.

Check it out below!

Attribute Descriptions

Add a description to any feature attribute in any layer; when another VETRO user is looking at the map, a tooltip will appear with the description.

Stay tuned for additional feature releases and visit our Help Center for more information.


VETRO builds software that makes it radically simpler and faster for broadband providers to plan, design, build, and operate their fiber optic networks. Our map-based SaaS platform is easier to use and more powerful than traditional tools, and enables network owners, operators and sponsors to benefit from a modern, integrated, and connected digital hub for their physical network assets. We deliver Internet Infrastructure Intelligence.


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