VETRO FiberMap Launches Geospatial Wrecking Crew to Tackle Data Conversion

GIS Experts Working Data ConversionVETRO FiberMap is pleased to announce the availability of their Geospatial Wrecking Crew (GWC), an in-house concierge GIS services group handling mapping data conversion jobs for network design engineers and fiber management platform users.

The VETRO FiberMap team has deep roots in GIS and mapping, and a wide range of technical experience. Co-founders Will Mitchell and Sean Myers have a combined 45 years of industry experience in GIS and mapping services, and the GWC bench includes GeoDevelopers, GIS Analysts, and GIS Techs. The company’s geospatial team has grown from a one-man wrecking crew to a team of professionals with diverse GIS backgrounds and the skills to take on complex data conversion.

Network Mapping

The GWC has assisted dozens of customers moving out of legacy mapping and into fiber management systems that help them better operate their growing networks. Source documentation and mapping can come in any format—from GIS to CAD, PDF or paper.  The GWC can assess your existing network mapping, and lay out a game plan to organize it into a GIS ready format; uniform, unified, smartly structured, well attributed, and clean.

The team employs advanced tools and techniques to achieve maximum automation, while preserving the appropriate level of manual intervention and expert quality assurance. These data conversion tools and techniques include root level database and scripting, such as PostGIS, SQL, Python, desktop GIS tools such as ArcGIS and QGIS, and translate/transform workflow tools including FME Workbench from Safe Software. Our automation experience delivers the advantage of efficiency and consistency, and sets the Geospatial Wrecking Crew apart.

FME Workbench to help with Data Conversion

Example FME Workbench

The GWC can also migrate connectivity data. Splicing and circuit path data from spreadsheets or databases can be rolled into batch import routines to fully document fiber networks—this connectivity data is critical to a full outside plant fiber management platform. Onboarding connectivity data can be as easy as importing structured splicing tables from a database, or as challenging as interpreting notations on a CAD drawing and doing data entry. VETRO FiberMap’s GWC will tackle every challenge.

“Converting old CAD maps into a GIS can be a daunting undertaking. Putting this into the hands of experts who know your mapping and your business goals is the best way to get over that hurdle and bring your network into a database of record. Once completed, your business can finally leverage the network map as a true information asset.” said Sean Myers, VETRO FiberMap Co-Founder and COO.

Market and Reference Data

The Geospatial Wrecking Crew routinely sources property records, parcel mapping, address points, Census data, funding eligible program overlays, local GIS reference layers, and more, for customers and clients.

VETRO FiberMap has a source for nationwide (U.S.) business locations that can be imported to customer instances. For residential locations, the GWC team is skilled at perfecting premise points—finding the best available fiber target location data, and improving it to the highest quality possible using desktop GIS techniques.

City, county, and state GIS data resources are valuable information assets that the GWC is expert in acquiring and preparing for VETRO FiberMap users. These data sets include roads, buildings, structures, rights of way, etc. In some cases, local governments maintain engineering-grade, large scale planimetric mapping that may include poles and underground assets. The GWC can handle any and all such source data, and bring it to bear for network planning projects.

GIS market data can also be introduced to capture important planning information such as customer demographics, existing provider footprints, broadband coverage, and both partners and competitors’ networks.

“We know how to put the right data into play for customers who need to lean on mapping and GIS to make business decisions, but who don’t have the time or in-house expertise to compile this information.” said Will Mitchell, VETRO FiberMap Co-Founder and CEO. “The VETRO Geospatial Wrecking Crew acts as a center of specialty expertise and data, and can enable customer success through data-driven market and network intelligence.”

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