Network Planning & Design

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Build high performance, reliability and profitability into your network by starting with intuitive planning and design, driven by data intelligence. VETRO offers a full suite of complementary tools for a complete fiber network planning solution.

  • Streamlined design workflows reduce complex GIS tasks to a few clicks
  • Fast, powerful performance keeps teams moving
  • Real time data sharing breaks down silos
  • Strand-level visibility and control, and detailed equipment connections ensure hyper-accurate documentation
  • Combine VETRO’s ask-me-anything analytics, costing, and labor and materials management for tightly calibrated planning

Any Design, Any Time

VETRO FiberMap has the best network design experience, period. VETRO takes complex GIS tasks and streamlines them, saving you time with lightning-fast performance and drag, drop and draw tools.

But you don’t have to design manually in VETRO; load your existing map data, import an auto design, or collaborate with engineering firms in real time through the VETRO platform. If you want help, call our GeoWrecking Crew, who can convert, clean up and import flat and archival data into VETRO for you, saving your team time and stress.

Built for every stage of the network lifecycle, VETRO is on your schedule, from strategy to splice.

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VETRO Accelerates Your Project

The future of fiber infrastructure is here. As global funding efforts and demand continue to grow, operators need to move fast, control costs, and integrate healthy data culture and digital innovation to stay ahead of the game.

VETRO has been designed from the ground up to embrace this digital future and scale with you. VETRO takes network planning and design beyond simple mapping, spreadsheets or clunky GIS tools, giving you the opportunity to modernize, streamline and transform your business with intuitive tools, easy collaboration, and a work-from-anywhere, cloud-native environment.

Plus, VETRO supports your business through the entire network lifecycle. Transition seamlessly from planning and design to deployment and ongoing operations in one central platform.

Fiber Network Management Solutions

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Engage with all of your critical network data in one intuitive GIS platform, purpose-built for fiber operators.

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Network Planning & Design

VETRO streamlines GIS planning and design with smart workflows and an unrivaled user experience.

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Operationalizing Map Data

VETRO transforms your data into your key operational asset and opens communication channels across your business.

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Network Inventory & Asset Management

VETRO provides real-time, dynamic, and accurate documentation -- saving you time and money, minimizing risk, and providing peace of mind.

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