The Network News: VETRO’s Fall Newsletter

The Network News is VETRO’s quarterly roundup of resources, news, events and more.

Greetings from VETRO HQ! The Network News is VETRO’s quarterly roundup of resources, news, events and more. As we all get ready to hunker down for the holidays and start planning for 2022, let’s take a look at what’s happening around the industry.

VETRO Customer Highlights

VETRO Customer Spotlight

Since 1998, Connecticut-based utility services group Sertex has been building and fixing everything in the energy and comms space, from solar farms to cell towers. Leveraging into fiber optic network construction and repair was a logical step for the company as their customers began employing fiber to manage their grids and more. Read about how this innovative VETRO customer approaches their business in our Spotlight on Sertex.    

One of our newest fiber family members, IQ Fiber, is making waves in Northern Florida. The Jacksonville-based start up closed an initial funding round in September and adopted the VETRO platform to bring their vision of a high-speed broadband-empowered community to life. Find out about their big plans for JAX in our Spotlight on IQ Fiber.  

In other VETRO customer news, our friends at Tombigbee Electric Coop were honored with the Fiber Broadband Association’s Dr. Charles Kau award for innovation in connecting communities with fiber. Congratulations to the team!

Longtime VETRO customers Lit Communities and Medina Fiber celebrated the launch last month of their open access, last mile network, created in partnership to reach the most under-served communities in the county. We are so thrilled to see this project come to life! 

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Application and Reporting Requirements for receiving Capital Projects Fund grants
Capital Projects Funding in 4 Parts

In mid-September, the US Treasury published concrete guidance regarding applying for and using resources from the Capital Projects Fund, part of the American Rescue Plan of 2021.

Read our 4 part series on how to apply the treasury guidance to your plan or project, ensure compliance and establish an understanding of the regulatory environment around the funding. 

What's New with VETRO? A Whole Lot!
What’s New? A Whole Lot!

Just last week, we offered a live virtual tour and Q&A of the performance upgrades, new and enhanced features and improved flexibility and GIS power of the latest VETRO FiberMap release. Watch the tour on our Youtube channel, and be sure to stick around for the great Q&A questions we got at the end. 

Thank you for reading, fiber family!

It’s the time of year during which many of us around the world will be celebrating holidays with those that are nearest and dearest to us. We wish you a safe, joyful and connected season, whether you’re visiting with loved ones, zoom-ing through the holidays, or simply enjoying the turning of the year and the weather. Here at VETRO HQ, we’re thankful for YOU! All the best to you and yours. 

Will & the VETRO Team

VETRO CEO Will Mitchell saw the sights of London on his daily rounds

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