VETRO FiberMap® and CostQuest Associates Launch Partnership

Portland, ME — Today NBT Solutions, makers of fiber network mapping platform VETRO FiberMap® and broadband economic modeling firm CostQuest Associates announced an integration partnership blending VETRO FiberMap’s fiber GIS with CostQuest’s broadband business case modeling engine.  The “VETRO-CQ” joint offering is a cloud based platform that empowers broadband providers with the ability to assess the viability of building FTTx in any market, coupled with comprehensive tools for network engineering, design, and ongoing operations and inventory.  Using VETRO-CQ, service providers will be able to compete at a higher level in their markets; VETRO-CQ features:

– FTTx Auto Design: high level auto-generated network designs complete with bill of materials

– Flexible, Intuitive Maps: robust editing and presentation capabilities in a geospatial interface

– Economic Modeling: access to full market analysis, including business case with both cost and revenue projections

– Seamless Data Management: easily compile, store, publish and distribute network data, and generate reports all in one place

“VETRO FiberMap is easily the most intuitive fiber network mapping platform on the market,” says Jim Stegman, CEO of CostQuest. “With the addition of CostQuest’s automated design, costing and business case models, the VETRO-CQ partnership now becomes a powerful decision-making tool as well.”

Will Mitchell, CEO of VETRO FiberMap described the partnership as the next logical step for the mapping platform.  “We reached out to CQA because we were familiar with their proven broadband cost models and their work with the FCC,” said Michell. “What we’ve found in working together is that the VETRO FiberMap platform is the perfect place for this best-in-class broadband modeling to be leveraged within an online design tool and fiber management GIS platform.  The combination of capabilities reflected in VETRO-CQ truly reflect our mission of serving broadband customers ‘from Strategy to Splice’.”

VETRO-CQ will be demonstrated at the Broadband Communities Summit in Austin, Texas, April 30th to May 3rd at the Renaissance Hotel Austin.   Visit VETRO FiberMap™ and CostQuest at BOOTH # 1000.

About VETRO FiberMap®
VETRO FiberMap is a product of NBT Solutions, founded by experienced GIS mapping professionals who have long provided innovative technology and services to telecommunications customers nationwide.  Our VETRO FiberMap Solution is the direct result of seeing and solving challenges faced by small to mid-sized ISPs and communities who need to plan, design, inventory, and grow their broadband networks.

About CostQuest Associates
CostQuest Associates is a leader in designing, developing and implementing economic models for the telecommunications industry.  CQA provides information systems and services that deliver comprehensive solutions to complicated telecommunications business challenges.


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