VETRO Welcomes Netly Fiber!

Netly Fiber

VETRO is pleased to welcome Netly to our fiber family!

The team at Netly is on a mission to change the way internet infrastructure is deployed in the USA by building city-wide, open-access, last-mile fiber systems to all homes and businesses.

The company has an innovative business strategy to lease edge collocation space along with access to their Ready For Light fiber to all interested companies for Gigabit internet service, wireless data capacity, upgraded 5G networks, IoT, Smart Grid, and Smart City applications. This model creates a level playing field and transforms the economics of internet access to bridge the digital divide facing so many cities and towns across the United States and the world.

With their self-described “passion for multi-gigabit fiber optics” and innovative team of engineers and strategists, Netly is set to transform the face of the internet in California and beyond. We look forward to supporting Netly’s fiber management needs – and of course, we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll “have to” conduct some in-person training in beautiful Solana Beach this winter!

Find out more about this forward-thinking VETRO customer at their website,

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