VETRO Welcomes Oregon-Idaho Utilities to our Fiber Family

Let's Welcome OIU to Our Global Network of Fiber Operators

OIU Logo

Please join VETRO in welcoming Oregon Idaho Utilities to our fiber family!

Serving Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada since 1990, OIU has worked tirelessly to modernize the telecommunications facilities in these areas with new, digital equipment and improving service quality for their customers, including the introduction of broadband beginning in 2007.

As demand for broadband grows among the business and residential area OUI serves, they are leveraging the latest technologies including VETRO Fibermap to increase the availability of broadband to more customers and deliver faster broadband speed to their existing fiber customers. We are pleased to be the platform that is streamlining OIU’s continued mission to modernize telecommunications through access to high-speed internet.

To learn more about Oregon Idaho Utilities and their forward-thinking approach to serving their customers now and through the years to come, visit their website.

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