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It's Time for a Better Map.

VETRO's Broadband Intelligence Platform was designed specifically to support State Broadband Offices with broadband mapping and grant funding execution.

VETRO makes it easy to transform large sets of data into a comprehensive picture to help expedite decision making and close your state's digital divide.

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VETRO Broadband Intelligence Platform Helps With

Broadband Fabric Data Analysis

Stakeholder Engagement

Proposal Evaluation

Challenge Process Management

Compliance & Reporting

Ultimate Broadband Intelligence for State Agencies

VETRO’s Broadband Intelligence Platform (BIP) is a purpose-built solution for state broadband offices that facilitates the collection, mapping, and analysis of broadband data in order to engage communities, ISPs and other key stakeholders and make informed decisions when allocating grant funding.

State Broadband Office employees do not need GIS experience to use, understand, or share the fabric data. The user-friendly platform helps broadband offices move faster with greater confidence, even with a limited number of staff members.

VETRO Broadband Intelligence Platform Fiber Network Planning Software Screenshot

Key Features

Platform of Record

A map-based hub to centralize broadband funding management and track all relevant local, state, and federal data.

Network Planner

Network Planner provides tools for creating maps, importing a range of GIS data, and visualizing that data to power decision making.

Funding Analysis Tools

Users can view summarized CQA fabric data detailing broadband coverage and the cost to deploy fiber networks in order to make optimized funding awards.

Stakeholder Engagement Maps

Solicit and collect feedback from community stakeholders in the form of location-based surveys with comments. The feedback is intended to cover public notification and communication objectives, and addresses challenge process requirements.

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“VETRO’s Broadband Intelligence Platform  ensures that we are maximizing the impact of our investments to benefit our communities.” 

– Peggy Schaffer, Executive Director, Connect Maine Authority


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