VETRO Z-Manager

The Power of Visual Demand Data

Calibrate your Network Planning with customer-facing demand aggregation

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Promotion & Lead Capture

  • Publish and automatically update your network projects as you plan
  • Maximize take rates by collaborating across engineering, sales and customer service
  • Manage public expectations for anticipated service
  • Target potential service locations for outreach

Demand Aggregation

  • Capture public interest in new network project on your VETRO network map
  • Overlay demand data, market data, network data and any other relevant data sets to see the big picture
  • Capture public interest to create heat maps for proposed project zones
  • Verify serviceability in a single click

Address Qualification

  • Easily determine serviceability based on capacity, assets and proximity
  • Set serviceable areas and prioritize them based on your build timeline
  • Estimate revenue and costs to build to serviceable areas


  • Share service location details across platforms for better service
  • Break down silos between customer-facing departments
  • “know before you go” - determine serviceability without rolling a truck

“We feel VETRO is a key ingredient to keeping up with our growth and network management”

– Andrew Eubank, Mammoth Networks

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