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If you’re in the business of building communications infrastructure, VETRO FiberMap is the transformative fiber network productivity platform you’ve been looking for.


Simplify Every Stage of the Network Lifecycle

  • Plan, Design, Build and Manage Your Network in One Platform
  • See the big picture in a geospatial, map-based context
  • Eliminate documentation debt and mitigate risk

For service providers, your network map is as valuable as your network itself.

Beyond GIS network mapping, VETRO FiberMap has been purpose-built to equip fiber operators with accurate, operationalized network documentation that drives revenue, saves time and offers deep insight into network data.

Powerful enough for engineers and simple enough for self-service reporting and analytics, VETRO’s user experience and real-time data sharing ensures adoption across your organization so your teams stay in sync.

See the transformative impact VETRO can have on your network operations; schedule a demo with our team today to get started.

Electric Cooperatives

From AMI to Member Service Operations, VETRO helps you do more

  • See the big picture with member and engineering data in one map
  • GIS made easy workflows enable complete organizational adoption
  • Collaborate in real time with designers, engineers and operators from any browser

Electric coops building fiber to serve their members rely on a powerful combination of market intelligence, funding information and engineering data to carefully plan, deploy and operate their networks.

With VETRO, coops can get the most from their critical data and manage every stage of network development, from applying for funding and public reporting to the design, deployment and daily operations. Collaboration is simple with easy to use tools and real-time, browser-based access to your network map across stakeholders and vendors.

Your network project is too important to lose time on the wrong software; schedule a demo today to see what VETRO can do.

Engineering Firms

Simplify the creation and delivery of network engineering packages

  • Create, package and sell network engineering services in one platform
  • Assure quality of your design throughout deployment with real time collaboration
  • Offer clients a “one-stop” solution for engagement with your services

Network Design Engineering firms are a crucial part of the infrastructure boom, enabling service providers of all shapes and sizes to better connect their communities. Executing great designs for clients in times of peak demand requires innovative software.

VETRO gets your clients involved in the design process early and keeps them informed as engineers collaborate and ask for feedback, so your team stays moving. Delivering designs to clients in the VETRO platform offers a unique packaging solution that not only preserves the integrity of your product, but empowers your clients with DIY management tools and a direct channel to re-engage with your firm on future build outs.

A great network starts with great design. Keep your firm in control of design and delivery with VETRO. Schedule a demo today to get started.

Public Sector

The only centralized hub built to manage broadband funding and track all relevant local, state, and federal data

  • Real-time communication, collaboration, and reporting across multiple entities.
  • Quickly identify funding opportunities in a map-based context
  • Publish public maps for transparency and ROI tracking

Broadband service is complex and multi-layered. Whether you need a cleaner broadband map to prioritize investments, or need to demonstrate the impact of public funding, VETRO is your ultimate broadband intelligence platform that provides strategic insights beyond just mapping your state’s broadband.

Easy to use and based on innovative digital mapping technology, VETRO enables unprecedented flexibility and insight into the broadband landscape. VETRO is the smart choice for transforming large sets of disparate data into a comprehensive picture of your state’s digital divide successes and continued needs.

And More…

VETRO was built to power through the complexity of fiber networks and provide unprecedented visibility and insight into your network operations. Whether it’s aerial or underground, leased or owned, dark or lit, ftth or connecting data centers, the VETRO platform makes it easier to perform every function around your fiber.

Other Organizations we work with include:

  • Municipalities and Utility Companies
  • Rural Telcos
  • Native and First Nations Tribes
  • Educational Institutions
  • Data Center Operators
  • Airports
  • Facilities Managers

If you don’t see your use case on our site, reach out to our team to find out if VETRO is a good fit for your needs. Get started today.