Business & Technology Partners

VETRO offers integration and product partnerships to deepen the way you use your network map data with VETRO. Our strategic partnerships allow you to readily unlock added flexibility, data insight and collaboration.

Technology Partners


Through our OSS/BSS partnerships, VETRO partners are able to:

  • Improve provisioning by feeding engineering data into their provisioning workflows and systems
  • Visualize installation and customer status values managed in their respective OSS within VETRO
  • Synchronize customer account and network connectivity data

Construction Management

By partnering with construction management companies like Vitruvi, VETRO partners can:

  • Fuel their construction automation toolkit with design data from their fiber management system
  • Chop and bundle design into executable work packages
  • Return as-built information from the field directly into their database of record

Network Monitoring

VETRO is able to receive signals from equipment management suites about the health of field operations and your gear:

  • 3HV
  • Expo Fiber Guardian
  • Calix

Consulting Partners

Tilson provides network development and information infrastructure professional services to telecom, construction, utility and government clients. Tilson and VETRO are strategic partners and Tilson’s CEO Josh Broder sits on VETRO’s Board of Directors.