Service Level Agreement (SLA)



1.1Scheduled Downtime” will mean the total amount of time during any calendar month, measured in minutes, during which Customer is not able to access the Service due to planned system maintenance performed by VETRO. VETRO will schedule planned system maintenance in accordance with Section 3 below.

1.2System Availability” will mean, with respect to any particular calendar month, the ratio obtained by subtracting Unscheduled Downtime during such month from the total time during such month, and thereafter dividing the difference so obtained by the total time during such month. Represented algebraically, System Availability for any particular calendar month is determined as follows:

NOTE: “Total Monthly Time” is deemed to include all minutes in the relevant calendar month, to the extent such minutes are included within Customer’s subscription term.

1.3Unscheduled Downtime” will mean the total amount of time during any calendar month, measured in minutes, during which the Customer is not able to access the features and functions of the Service, other than Scheduled Downtime, as defined above.


VETRO will undertake commercially reasonable measures to ensure that System Availability equals or exceeds 99.0% during each calendar month (the “Service Standard”), provided that any Unscheduled Downtime occurring as a result of (i) Customer’s breach of any provision of this Agreement, (ii) any suspension or termination of the Service as permitted under the Terms; (iii) non-compliance by Customer with any provision of the Terms, (iv) performance of Customer’s systems or incompatibility of Customer’s equipment or software with the Service, or (v) force majeure, shall not be considered toward any reduction in System Availability measurements. 


Periodic planned system maintenance may be scheduled for select Service and system modifications and updates.  Customer will be provided a minimum of 24 hours notice in advance of a scheduled downtime. VETRO shall use reasonable commercial efforts to minimize any disruption, inaccessibility and/or inoperability of the Service in connection with the Scheduled Downtime or other disruption of Service.


Customer has the ability to export its data from the Service in accordance with the following:

●        At any time, Customer may export all or part of its data from VETRO using the export tools built into the Service;

●        Customer may use VETRO APIs to automate the export of its data but only after receiving permission from VETRO and at a specific time designated by VETRO; and

●        Customer may request a full data export as a GeoPackage, which will include all geographic data and related tabular data, within two (2) business days of such request, provided that, depending on the volume of data to be exported, VETRO may charge for such export services.


VETRO databases are backed up nightly using multiple services/locations. Restoration from database backups generally take 1-2 hours for a complete restore or 24-48 hours for a selective data restore. The Service is a cloud-based platform, and VETRO maintains redundant servers in multiple availability zones.  Images of such servers are maintained so new servers can be launched as soon as reasonably possible in response to service interruptions.

[End of Service Level Agreement]