Broadband Intelligence Platform

VETRO’s Broadband Intelligence Platform (BIP) is specifically designed to meet the final guidance of the Broadband Equity and Deployment (BEAD) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Our platform, developed by fiber and GIS experts for States, helps broadband offices to navigate the challenge process and subgrantee selection process confidently. With BIP you will be up and running quickly, not creating new processes or developing your own software. This helps you do more with less, so you can make faster progress in your broadband initiatives.

Streamlining the Challenge Process

VETRO’s Challenge Portal makes it easy for States to comply with the NTIA’s final Challenge Process Policy guidance. Our portal simplifies challenge submissions through an address-based search and a visual map representation of eligible locations. This map view also allows challenges and rebuttals to be shared with the public, ensuring transparency. The portal’s data can be exported for easy sharing and analysis.

Benefits of the Challenge Portal:

Meet NTIA’s mandated challenge process portal requirements.

User-friendly, visual platform offers engagement through maps, eliminating the need for comparing location IDs on spreadsheets.

Streamlined challenge process for non-GIS user groups, promoting inclusivity

Empowers SBOs with real-time, data-driven decision-making in a centralized location.

Challenge review

Simplifying Subgrantee Selection

VETRO’s Grant Application Portal offers state broadband offices an easy-to-use tool for effective subgrantee selection process. This user-centric portal empowers both SBO teams and applicants with a simple experience, ensuring transparency and equitable allocation of funds.

The Grant Application Portal consists of both the Funding Area Creation tool and the Funding Area Submission tool. Using our Funding Area Creation tool, SBOs can determine ideal build locations to benefit all stakeholders ultimately preventing overbuilds. The Funding Area Submission Tool streamlines applicant engagement, allowing them to select funding areas through an interactive map portal. VETRO takes care of user provisioning and training, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Advantages of the Grant Application Portal:

Efficiently manage subgrantee selection process with user-friendly interfaces

Monitor applicant preferences and make informed decisions based on funding areas

Accept, reject, and approve submitted projects within the platform

Provide applicants with an easy-to-use tool including the ability to save drafts and submit plans directly within the BIP

Accelerate your broadband funding initiatives with VETRO’s Broadband Intelligence Platform. Simplify challenges, streamline subgrantee selections, and achieve equitable broadband deployment.

“VETRO’s Broadband Intelligence Platform  ensures that we are maximizing the impact of our investments to benefit our communities.” 

– Peggy Schaffer, Former Executive Director, Connect Maine Authority


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