Case Study: ChoiceLight – Streamlining Dark Fiber Network Documentation with VETRO FiberMap

ChoiceLight, Inc. is a non-profit dark fiber provider serving St. Joseph, Marshall, and Elkhart counties in Indiana. 

With a team of six dedicated professionals managing over 500 miles of fiber, ChoiceLight plays a critical role in providing reliable and high-speed connectivity to its communities. However, they faced a significant challenge when it came to efficiently documenting and managing their extensive network infrastructure.

The Challenge:
ChoiceLight’s primary challenge was centered around network documentation. Their existing network documentation was primarily hand-drawn or stored in spreadsheets, which proved to be inefficient, difficult to share, and cumbersome to update. This documentation bottleneck not only hindered their daily operations but also posed a risk to the accuracy of their network information. Given the critical nature of their services, this challenge was a pressing concern that needed immediate attention.

The Solution:
ChoiceLight turned to VETRO for a solution. They were referred to VETRO by a partner network and recognized the platform’s differentiators in terms of usability and clarity of documentation. The VETRO FiberMap platform offered a user-friendly and visually intuitive way to document and manage their complex dark fiber network infrastructure. The decision to engage with VETRO was based on the platform’s unique blend of functionality and design.

The implementation process went smoothly and they encountered no significant challenges during the transition. VETRO’s responsive support team played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth onboarding process for ChoiceLight’s team.

The Impact:
The adoption of VETRO’s platform yielded significant benefits for ChoiceLight, Inc. It provided a centralized data and image repository for their network infrastructure, significantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of locating facilities. This, in turn, led to reduced damages, downtime, and expenses. Additionally, the platform’s capability to visually track subscription inquiries helped identify growth opportunities and areas for network enhancements.

Immediate benefits included a more efficient system of record and increased employee interaction with network documentation. Over time, ChoiceLight expects increased efficiency in their network expansion efforts, as they can now track prospective subscribers and expand to meet actual demand. This efficiency will result in lower costs associated with facility locating and network damage.

In conclusion, VETRO FiberMap provided an elegant solution to ChoiceLight’s pressing challenge of network documentation. By streamlining their documentation processes, ChoiceLight has not only improved the efficiency of their daily operations but also positioned themselves for more effective network expansion and reduced costs in the long term. The success of this collaboration underscores the importance of user-friendly design and responsive support in the field of network documentation, making VETRO a valuable partner for ChoiceLight and similar organizations.

"The VETRO FiberMap platform marries function and aesthetics in a way that was a perfect fit for our needs. So many network documentation vendors overlook the importance of user-friendly design when your engineers and sales reps have to look at these maps and diagrams all day AND make organized, coherent decisions based on the information therein. Additionally, the user support has been top-notch. From providing enhancements on an admirably regular basis, to responding quickly to help requests, we’ve never been let down by the support team. It is clear that VETRO was founded by and continues to be staffed by people who actually care about what they’re selling."

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