EES Live Takes African Lead as VETRO’s Premier Partner


Cape Town, South Africa (January 22, 2024) – EES Live (Pty) Ltd, a leading South African engineering firm specializing in the design and management of a wide variety of Technology projects, has been announced as VETRO’s premier partner across Africa. This strategic partnership positions EES Live at the forefront of fiber optic infrastructure development on the continent, offering clients advanced solutions and unparalleled expertise.

VETRO, a global leader in fiber optic cable and network mapping technology, provides invaluable tools for optimizing deployment and maintenance of critical infrastructure. Partnering with EES Live leverages their extensive experience in the African market and in-depth knowledge of local regulations and challenges.

“We are thrilled to join forces with VETRO,” said Anton Hochleutner, Director at EES Live (Pty) Ltd . “This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for Africa’s evolving infrastructure landscape. VETRO’s technology, combined with our local expertise, will empower us to streamline fiber optic projects, reduce costs, and ensure superior network performance for our clients.”

The collaboration paves the way for several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Service Offerings: EES Live will now offer VETRO’s comprehensive suite of fiber mapping and management solutions to existing and new clients across Africa. This includes cable tracking, network visualization, and asset management tools.

  • Streamlined Project Execution: The combined expertise of EES Live and VETRO will enable faster, more efficient fiber optic deployments, saving time and resources for clients.

  • Local Market Knowledge: EES Live’s understanding of the African regulatory environment and unique infrastructure challenges will be crucial in tailoring solutions for successful project execution.

“VETRO is proud to partner with EES Live, a highly respected and established leader in the African engineering market,” said Will Mitchell, CEO at VETRO. “Their deep understanding of the local landscape and commitment to quality align perfectly with our values. Together, we will play a significant role in driving Africa’s fiber optic revolution.”

This partnership marks a significant development in Africa’s digital infrastructure landscape. With EES Live and VETRO Fibermap joining forces, the continent can expect faster, more reliable, and efficient fiber optic networks, paving the way for enhanced connectivity, economic growth, and social development.

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