Enhancing Rural Connectivity: VETRO Fibre Management System’s Role in Fibre and Wireless

Expanding broadband in rural areas requires innovative solutions. While fibre offers high-speed connectivity, there deployment can be challenging in remote locations. Here, the integration of wireless technologies along with fibre networks emerges as a viable solution. VETRO FiberMap (VETRO FMS) is at the forefront of facilitating this integration, helping ISPs like Wessex Internet overcome the challenges of rural broadband expansion.

Combining Fibre with Wireless in Rural Areas

In extremely remote areas, laying fibre for the entire network isn’t always feasible. ISPs often adopt a hybrid approach, combining fibre with wireless technologies. This method involves using fibre backbones to a central location and then distributing the internet via wireless means to individual homes or businesses. VETRO FMS enables ISPs to plan and manage these hybrid networks effectively, ensuring optimal coverage and connectivity.

Benefits for Rural ISPs

Hybrid Network Planning: VETRO FMS assists in designing networks that combine fibre and wireless, ensuring a comprehensive system of record (SOR) for your network.

Cost and Time Efficiency: The platform aids in reducing the time and cost involved in deploying rural broadband networks, particularly beneficial for tracking potential costs of hard rural build where there are technologies changes.

Operational Optimization: It streamlines operations, from planning to maintenance, making rural broadband projects more viable for ISPs by providing the critical tools they need.

VETRO FiberMap’s Role in Wessex Internet’s Network Documentation
Wessex Internet, a rural ISP, has significantly benefited from VETRO FiberMap in documenting their fibre network. VETRO FMS’s detailed mapping and asset management capabilities have enabled Wessex Internet to maintain an accurate and dynamic record of their infrastructure. This has not only streamlined the process of network expansion and maintenance but has also provided a clear visibility into network assets, which is crucial for strategic decision-making and ensuring network reliability.

VETRO FiberMap is revolutionizing rural broadband expansion. By facilitating a FMS that allows for detailed documentation of fibre and wireless technologies, and supporting innovative deployment techniques that rural network builders use, VETRO FMS is playing a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide. The impact of VETRO FiberMap, as highlighted by customers like Wessex Internet, underscores its value in connecting underserved rural communities.


VETRO builds software that makes it radically simpler and faster for broadband providers to plan, design, build, and operate their fiber optic networks. VETRO is the only SaaS-based GIS fiber management platform that optimizes the business value of networks by simplifying the digitization, data visualization and management of fiber assets through an open, highly accessible and precise system of record for network assets. Our map-based SaaS platform is easier to use and more powerful than traditional tools and enables network operators and ISPs to benefit from a modern, integrated, and connected digital hub for their physical network assets. VETRO is leveraged by broadband providers around the world for all phases of network operations vetrofibermap.com.

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