GWI Endorses VETRO FiberMap

GWI Endorses VETRO FiberMap.

“We had [management] systems to do that in the past but they really weren’t designed for this… it was painful… we couldn’t get answers quickly and it was labor intensive to get them. We were always coming up with custom solutions and with VETRO FiberMap, where their inventory system matches the network, we can very quickly get answers,” endorses Fletcher Kittredge, CEO of GWI.

David Allen, VP of Technology at GWI, praises VETRO FiberMap for its performance planning tools; “Knowing our network… knowing where our assets are… being able to answer questions about: what’s impacted by this fiber cut, how many miles of plant do we have, how many businesses does our network pass? Having that information at our fingertips, that’s really powerful… I feel like I have a customized solution that does exactly what I need it to do.”

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