Open Letter to Our VETRO FiberMap Customers: You Are Our Innovators

VETRO FiberMap CustomersWe’ve spent the past two years talking with you, learning from you, and working hard to design a perfect toolbox for you. We have been impressed with your ingenuity, your persistence, and your drive to get things built. No matter how small you are, you are finding ways to rebuild the internet where it is needed and where the big boys won’t invest – from small towns to rural areas, missed markets, and opportunity pockets. For older telephone companies and cable operators keeping things fresh – fibering up your long served local footprints has been fantastic.

You are overbuilding old copper, both your own and others’. You are creating hybrid fiber-copper-wireless plants. You are inter-networking with open access backbone partners and forging both public-private partnerships and private-private partnerships. You are working with towns and communities to prioritize network expansion You are getting out there and getting things built.

We’re inspired by the small and mid-sized ISPs as well as others that are building out fiber networks. You are taking the risks, forging ahead at ‘light speed’ (sorry), and you are disrupting an internet delivery market that needs modernization, disruption, and competition. Great work!

As a provider of a new network inventory and management platform, we’re doing our best to arm you with the tools you need to be successful in your fiber growth. Our first wave of customers is excited by the platform and beginning to leverage it in innovative ways that match their business needs. There is a line forming at our virtual door!

How VETRO FiberMap™ is Different

Network mapping is nothing new. There are plenty of legacy mapping solutions that rely on in-house servers, dedicated staffing, and ‘enterprise’ level licensing costs. Based on GIS tools from closed stack vendors or CAD systems geared toward dead end drawing output, the older tools are too complex, too expensive, and too stranded in one pocket of the organization. That’s what you have told us and we have seen it. For this, we have developed a mapping solution that is different in the key ways listed below.

Our user interface consistently draws comments on attractiveness and simplicity.

Open APIs
The rise and value of APIs cannot be overstated. Your network map can be leveraged in entirely new ways that you can develop yourself or hire us to build for you. This is what makes us a platform.

SaaS in the Cloud
This is a proven model for other key business systems, so why not your network map. It allows for rapid, agile development, and removes the IT burden from our customers.

Based on extensive market feedback, we devised a way to start small and grow with you. We offer full company access to platform benefits at uniquely affordable pricing.

We look forward to working with more and more of you in the coming years, helping you plan, design, build, operate, manage, and grow your networks and your businesses using the power of our platform, the new hub and home of your network map.


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