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VETRO FiberMap


Get Deep Market Insight with Custom Queries and Ask-Me-Anything Analytics

  • Find gaps in service and quickly generate high level designs to evaluate opportunities
  • Estimate materials costs, labor and anticipated revenue using your vetted data
  • Easily create and iterate on funding bids, acquisition planning and market evaluation


Save time by digitizing your network with GIS-made-easy workflows

  • Lightening-fast design and data import/export save you time and money
  • Strand-level editing control and precise equipment connections enable deeper accuracy
  • Refine your network right on your map, or make bulk edits in your attribute table


Fast, detailed reporting enables field crews to ‘know before they go’

  • Automatic documentation and real time updates mean your map is always accurate
  • Support construction planning with cost estimation, bills of materials and more
  • Construction management and work order integrations create a complete end-to-end solution


Monetize your inventory with strand-level capacity reporting and planning

  • Enjoy unprecedented visibility of your network at every stage of operations
  • Leverage your map data across all of your business systems using connectors and APIs
  • Break down data silos and bottlenecks, and be more productive with less effort

VETRO FiberMap Features


VETRO’s browser-based map viewer offers lightning-fast image rendering, a large, organized workspace and map-based navigation and drill-down to move users from tool to tool quickly.


The Attribute Table can be used to easily edit the attributes of multiple features at once, add new attributes to a layer, and export selected features from a layer.


Stay organized and use phases, tags, archiving and search to maintain and retrieve exactly what you’re looking for, with the flexibility to accommodate any relevant naming conventions and phased planning.


Customize maps to highlight elements like features, placement and capacity, and to establish visual shorthand for more efficient team communication.


Add and manage your web maps, including ESRI map services, the Ordnance Survey Basemap or any other WMS/WMTS map, as well as data subscriptions and platform integrations from the VETRO dashboard.


The VETRO platform offers tools that reduce the time and effort needed to complete common tasks used in managing your fiber. These automations include features used in all phases of the network lifecycle that identify routes based on A and Z points, connect service locations, estimate costs, connect equipment and splicing, create and edit circuits, validate paths and much more.


VETRO offers Map Books, a range of standard reports and in-map notes to enable robust context and clarification during engineering-to-deployment workflows.


VETRO makes engaging with your data easy, fast, and clear. Use analytics tools in the Network Dashboard to research data in a polygon or set of polygons you have drawn on your map, or search on any text-based data to find exactly what you’re looking for in an instant.

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“I feel for anybody not using VETRO. We’re lightyears ahead of anybody else. 

– TT Connect, SA

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