Regional Fiber Connect Richmond: A Recap of Innovation and Collaboration in Fiber Broadband

The Fiber Broadband Association’s 2024 Regional Fiber Connect workshop in Richmond, Virginia, brought together industry professionals, community leaders, and government officials on February 8th to connect, share best practices, and explore the future of fiber-optic internet deployment. VETRO’s CEO, Will Mitchell, Account Executive Stewart Linsmith, Enterprise Account Executive Owen Grohman and Senior Director, Service & Sales Engineering, Andrew Eubank were all on site!

Fiber Connect Agenda: A Day of Learning and Connection

The event kicked off with a welcome and introduction from Ashley Brown of Adtran, followed by Cassidy Rasnick of NTIA offering insights into the BEAD program and the path ahead for fiber deployment. Heather Burnett Gold from Mears Corporation shared valuable perspectives from the field, and Ting Fiber’s Alexandria case study offered real-world lessons learned. Dr. Matt Dunleavy and DeborahKish’s fireside chat explored how fiber empowers education and research.

A panel of speakers at the Regional Fiber Connect in Richmond, VA

Fiber Connect Discussing Broadband Funding Opportunities, Telehealth and More

After a networking break sponsored by Panduit, attendees delved into finding first-time fiber customers, securing federal and state funding, and the future of tele-health. Throughout the day, informative fireside chat sessions discussed Virginia’s focus on closing the digital divide, deployment challenges and opportunities, and Adtran’s role in fiber deployment initiatives.

Fiber Broadband Association Working to Close the Digital Gap, One Community at a Time

The event concluded with a networking reception sponsored by All Points Broadband, further solidifying connections and opportunities for collaboration. The theme resonated throughout the day: fiber offers a vital path to closing the digital divide and building a future with reliable, high-speed internet access for all.

Fiber Broadband Industry Learnings and Look Forward

Several key broadband industry themes and trends emerged from the conference:

  • Discussion on Fiber Upgrade Challenges: Can Legacy Systems Handle FTTH Demand

  • ISP Mergers: Understanding the Changing Broadband Landscape

  • The Digital Skills Gap: Finding Workers for the Fiber Future

  • Maximizing Fiber Investments: New Revenue Streams for Providers

  • Funding opportunities are available, but collaboration is crucial in securing them and ensuring their success on the ground

  • Innovative approaches are needed to reach communities without existing infrastructure and attract first-time users

  • Investing in fiber creates opportunities for education, research, and economic development

  • Closing the digital divide requires ongoing efforts and partnerships across government, industry, and community organizations

This event served as a powerful platform for sharing knowledge, building connections, and shaping the future of fiber deployment. As we continue down the fiber path, the lessons learned in Richmond offer valuable guidance for communities and organizations seeking to bridge the digital divide and provide all citizens with the connectivity they deserve. If you couldn’t attend this Fiber Broadband Association Regional Fiber Connect in Richmond, you can find upcoming fiber broadband industry events you may be interested in.


At VETRO, we believe visualizing data unlocks hidden potential, radically simplifying the way businesses operate and digitizing the future of connectivity. We focus on empowering network operators with unparalleled clarity and control over their fiber networks, enabling them to move faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before. Our revolutionary platform isn’t just software – it’s the physical network asset system of record, offering unprecedented visibility and control from strategic planning to daily operations. We empower our customers to bridge the digital divide at a rapid pace, unlock unforeseen opportunities, and squeeze the maximum value from their networks. Let’s illuminate the unseen, digitize the way we connect, and shape the future of connectivity, together.

(Left) VETRO's Stewart Linsmith; (Right) VETRO CEO Will Mitchell with VETRO Consultant, David Spiller

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