The Network News: February 2024

The Network News is VETRO’s monthly roundup of resources, news, events and more.

Greetings from VETRO HQ! The Network News is VETRO’s roundup of resources, news, events and more. Let’s check out what’s new across the wide world of fiber!

As we embark on the second month of 2024, it feels like the long, cold January had the whole industry ‘getting back to work’ in a big way, in service of a big year ahead. That is certainly the case at VETRO, where ongoing investments in product development and growth are at max velocity.

I’m excited to have welcomed many new Customers to VETRO in January. They are all embracing a modern, connected, deeply fit-for-purpose software stack to deliver their own versions of connectivity infrastructure more efficiently and more effectively than ever before. Our Customers are our motivators and drivers. We exist to build the fiber management tooling they need to succeed and thrive.

Stay tuned as this is only the beginning of a year that will be full of significant product enhancements, a stronger team and a growing customer base. And please remember to check out our website and social media channels for more news and updates! We’re always eager to connect with you and hear your thoughts.

Will Mitchell & the VETRO Team


Check out the Top Broadband Trends of 2024 that are propelling us into a new era of connectivity!

Stay ahead of the curve and explore the innovative technologies shaping the way we live, work, and connect.

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US Broadband Summit Key Takeaways

VETRO attended the US Broadband Summit which brought together top leaders from across the country to discuss state efforts related to the #BEAD program.

In this article below, Brian Mefford offers his takeaways from the US Broadband Summit Report:

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VETRO and ISPA Partner to Drive Smarter Fibre Network Management in the UK

We are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with ISPA!

Together, we’re committed to driving innovation and efficiency in the fiber industry, paving the way for a smarter, faster, and more reliable internet experience for everyone in the UK! 

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New Feature! Straight Line Diagrams (SLDs)

SLDs are like flowcharts for your infrastructure, showing you upstream & downstream connections, redundancy, and diversity in a way that traditional maps just can’t.

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#FiberFamily NEWS

Customer Spotlight – Cityside Fiber

Cityside Fiber is spearheading the broadband revolution, bringing lightning-fast, reliable internet to Orange County, CA.

Pete Pizzutillo, VETRO’s Head of International Sales chats with Jonathan Restivo and Jacob Simon to talk about their shift from wholesale to direct-to-consumer, revolutionizing the ISP game.

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👉Are you VETRO customer who would like to be featured in a Customer Spotlight like this? Reach out here – we want to tell your story!

At VETRO, we love our #fiberfamily. To keep up with all of our customer news,  follow us on your favorite socials:



The first event we will attend in 2024 will be the Fiber Broadband Association’s Regional Fiber Connect on February 8th. Look for Stewart Linsmith, Owen Grohman, Andrew Eubank and Will Mitchell the VETRO BOOTH 9!


This large annual event takes place February 11-14th in Tampa, Florida. VETRO’s Will Mitchell and Amy Farrell will be there. Reach out to connect! 


VETRO’s Jeff Gifford will be in Ottawa on February 14-16 for CanWISP. Reach out here to connect with Jeff and learn more about VETRO’s radically simpler fiber management.


VETRO will be sending a strong executive team to Ft. Lauderdale, FL on February 26-28th including Will Mitchell, JD Doyle, Alex Herbert and Sean Dundon. We are looking forward to connecting in the Premium Meeting Area 10!


March 4-6, 2024 VETRO will be in San Antonio, TX for this annual event! Look for Shannon Boothe, Roger Pearson and Kevin Rush at BOOTH 1243! 


We’ll be back in Texas, this time in Dallas, on March 14th for this 2nd Annual event.  Look for Owen Grohman, Sean Dundon and James Irvine at BOOTH 400! 


March 19-21, 2024 Will Mitchell and Pete Pizzutillo will head to Berlin, Germany for FTTH Europe! 

Visit our Events Page for a full list of 2023 Events!

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