Unleashing the Potential of Fiber Networks: Women in Fiber Leadership and GIS Solutions

During the “Women in Fiber Luncheon” at Fiber Connect 2023, Pete Pizzutillo and Michaela Goodwin, CFO at VETRO, discussed promoting diversity in fiber optic network management and the advantages of leveraging GIS technology for efficient fiber network design and deployment.

Women Making Strides in Fiber Network Management
The Women in Fiber Luncheon highlighted the growing number of women leaders in the fiber optic network management space. The event emphasized the importance of fostering collaboration and networking amongst women in various fiber optic roles, including engineering, marketing, and leadership positions.

Diversity as a Catalyst for Growth
The discussion underscored the significance of diversity and inclusion in the fiber optic network management sector. Studies suggest that businesses with a diverse workforce outperform those lacking in inclusivity. The conversation encouraged listeners to champion diversity within their organizations and advocate for practices that broaden the talent pool.

Workforce Development Initiatives
Both Pizzutillo and Goodwin acknowledged the challenges of attracting a skilled fiber optic network workforce, especially amid a tight labor market. Workforce development programs were identified as a potential solution. Examples include skills training initiatives, mentorship programs, and fostering partnerships with educational institutions.

GIS: A Game Changer for Fiber Network Management
The conversation highlighted the advantages of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for fiber optic network management. GIS establishes a centralized data repository for network inventory, streamlining workflows and minimizing errors. Additionally, GIS empowers field personnel with mobile data collection capabilities, enhancing efficiency and data accuracy.

The Road Ahead
The future of fiber network management appears bright. An increase in diversity within the workforce, coupled with strategic utilization of GIS technology, will propel the industry forward. Government initiatives and private sector investment in workforce development programs are crucial for ensuring a skilled talent pool to support the flourishing fiber optic network landscape.

Key takeaways:

  • Fiber optic network management is witnessing a surge in women leaders.

  • Diversity and inclusion are critical for business success in the fiber optic sector.

  • Workforce development programs are essential to bridge the skill gap.

  • GIS technology empowers efficient fiber network design and deployment.

By implementing these strategies, the fiber optic network management industry can harness its full potential and deliver exceptional connectivity solutions.



At VETRO, we believe visualizing data unlocks hidden potential, radically simplifying the way businesses operate and digitizing the future of connectivity. We focus on empowering network operators with unparalleled clarity and control over their fiber networks, enabling them to move faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before. Our revolutionary platform isn’t just software – it’s the physical network asset system of record, offering unprecedented visibility and control from strategic planning to daily operations. We empower our customers to bridge the digital divide at a rapid pace, unlock unforeseen opportunities, and squeeze the maximum value from their networks. Let’s illuminate the unseen, digitize the way we connect, and shape the future of connectivity, together.

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