Webinar: A Public-Private Partnership Success Model

The NTIA’s BEAD program represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bridge the digital divide once and for all. Though the landscape and process of building broadband infrastructure is complex, there is no reason that every home and business in the US can’t be connected to fast, affordable broadband.

For broadband funders, planners and builders, the way to make this work is through public-private partnerships that combine expertise, data and tools to accelerate and simplify the process of building new broadband infrastructure.

In this panel discussion, we hear from Peggy Shaffer, Executive Director of the State of Maine’s Connect Maine Authority. Earlier this year, Connect Maine applied for and received the largest NTIA grant to date, $28 million, to build new infrastructure serving 11,000 homes across the state.

The panel includes VETRO CEO Will Mitchell, Tilson Technologies Manager of Broadband Consulting Frederic Feit, CostQuest Associates VP of Business Development Mike Wilson, and will be moderated by Brian Mefford, VP of Broadband Strategy at VETRO, Inc.

Key discussion points include:
– Case study of the Connect Maine Authority funding success
– Leveraging public-private partnership for broadband success
– Success factors for the upcoming BEAD program

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