Feature Update: Data & Integrations Library + Notes

Data Integrations Library + Notes

New features provide the most complete picture yet, and help eliminate unknowns in your fiber network.

We’re excited to update you on new enhancements and product features in VETRO FiberMap!

Our software team has been busy building a powerful Data & Integrations Library which will be the foundation for an ever-growing collection of data products and integrations, covering every stage of the network lifecycle. In this release, we are adding two new data sources and one new integration to the library.

Web Map Services

Users can now bring any hosted digital map, including Esri, into VETRO FiberMap as a basemap or reference layer. Using the WMS source tool, users can enhance the standard basemap to include additional detail or regional imagery.

Ordnance Survey Basemap

We’ve partnered with Ordnance Survey to offer the OS basemap in VETRO FiberMap. This means that UK fiber operators will now have reliable, accurate location data to make more valuable business decisions.

Vitruvi Integration

The VETRO-Vitruvi integration allows users to easily identify gaps between the planned network and its as-built status yielding greater productivity. The integration automatically flows network engineering data, as-built changes, field validations and other critical information between the two platforms, ensuring that the network is always reflected accurately in the network map and construction crews are working in alignment with plans.


We’re also excited to introduce the Notes feature that allows quick, text-based communications on any feature in your network map. With a few short clicks, users can provide additional context or clarity to others which reduces back and forth communication and ensures the team is on the same page.


VETRO builds software that makes it radically simpler and faster for broadband providers to plan, design, build, and operate their fiber optic networks. Our map-based SaaS platform is easier to use and more powerful than traditional tools, and enables network owners, operators and sponsors to benefit from a modern, integrated, and connected digital hub for their physical network assets. We deliver Internet Infrastructure Intelligence.


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